From it's opening in 1931, Harry's bar was a popular place for locals, visitors and celebrities to meet. In time, some Italian restaurants created a famous drink or dish, Harry's bar however created both. In 1948 the now world famous Bellini was created. A blend of fresh Mediterranean white peach and the finest prosecco. Keeping to the theme, the luxury in simplicity, named after the famous Venetian artist Giovanni Bellini because the colour of the cocktail was similar to those used in the paintings by Bellini. In 1950 the carpaccio, again named after and artist and now a staple menu item in most Italian restaurants around the world.

The Cipriani family have only recently decided to bottle their famous recipe sharing the Bellini Cipriani with the world. Can't go to Venice? Let us bring Venice to you! Simple, elegant, no fuss, just chill, pour and enjoy. The perfect balance of the dry prosecco and the sweet white peach, don't be surprised to see peach inside, the bottled bellini uses real peach just like at Harry's bar.

Left: The story of Harry's bar told by Arrigo Cipriani.

Above: A young Arrigo Cipriani in front of Harry's bar.

Right: Giuseppe Cipriani when he created Bellini in 1948.

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